The International Society for Animal Genetics evolved from a series of annual workshops for comparing methods for detecting red cell antigens and variants of proteins to a society focusing on basic and applied research within the fields of immunogenetics, biochemical genetics and molecular genetics. The Society supports efficient exchange of research ideas, results and applications by organising conferences and workshops, by organising comparison tests, by publishing Animal Genetics, the official journal of ISAG, and numerous other activities. From its beginnings, the Society has been recognised for its open and friendly character, providing an ideal base for introductions of new members.

Formally, the purposes are stated in the Constitution as follows: the aims of the Society shall be: (a) to encourage the study of genetically influenced characters of animal tissues and fluids, and (b) to facilitate the exchange of ideas and materials between research workers.

Use of ISAG's name for commercial or accreditation purposes

ISAG's constitutional role:
ISAG is a scientific society that provides a forum for the exchange of information and reagents between members.

Therefore, it is the policy of ISAG that:

  • ISAG does NOT endorse commercial products or practices.
  • ISAG will NOT become involved in the accreditation of service genotyping laboratories or institutions.
  • ISAG does NOT regard participation in its Comparison Tests as indicating that a lab is internationally accredited.

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