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ISAG is a scientific society that provides a forum for the exchange of information.

Therefore, posters at the ISAG meetings must contain scientifically verifiable information (produced under conditions that meet currently acceptable standards of ethics and animal welfare), and follow acceptable standards of scientific communication.

Data presented in posters should be original and not yet published at the time of abstract submission, nor should the information be presented at another international conference prior to the ISAG meeting.

Posters reporting the discovery of genes and QTLs should disclose their chromosomal location and names.

Where appropriate, members should seek prior patent protection for results that they wish to commercialise.

Future Conferences:

39th International Society for Animal Genetics Conference (2023)
Cape Town, South Africa
Conference Chairs: Dr. Ntanganedzeni Olivia Mapholi
July 2-7, 2023

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