Clare Gill

Soffia Mikko

Christian Looft

Executive Committee:
Martien Groenen, Sabine Hammer, Tosso Leeb, Chris Tuggle, Hans Lenstra (Ex-Officio), Ntanganedzeni Olivia Mapholi (Ex-Officio)

General Information

  1. Cattle Molecular Markers and Parentage Testing Committee

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    Cattle (Bovine) STRBase
  2. Equine Genetics and Thoroughbred Parentage Testing Standardization Committee

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  3. Small Ruminant Genetics and Genomics

  4. Applied Genetics of Companion Animals Committee

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  5. Ruminant Genetics and Genomics

  6. Companion Animal Genetics and Genomics

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  7. Horse Genetics and Genomics

  8. Pig Genetics and Genomics

  9. Comparative and Functional Genomics

  10. ISAG-FAO Advisory Group on Animal Genetic Diversity

  11. Genetics of Immune Response Committee

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  12. Comparative MHC Steering Committee

  13. Animal Forensic Genetics Committee

    Animal Forensic Genetics website
  14. Animal Epigenetics

  15. Avian Genetics and Genomics

  16. Applied Genetics and Genomics in other Species of Economic Interest

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  17. Domestic Animal Sequencing and Annotation

  18. Publishing in Animal Genetics, Thematic Workshop

  19. Livestock Genomics for Developing Countries

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  20. Genetics and Genomics of Aquaculture Species

  21. Genome Edited Farm Animals

  22. Microbiomes


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