1. Cattle Molecular Markers and Parentage Testing Committee

2. Equine Genetics and Thoroughbred Parentage Testing Standardization Committee

3. Applied Genetics in Sheep and Goats Committee

4. Applied Genetics Committee of Companying Animals

5. Dog Lymphocyte Antigen Nomenclature Committee

6. Avian Immunogenetics Committee

7. Cattle, Sheep and Goat Gene Mapping Committee

8. Dog Genome Mapping Committee

9. Horse Genome Mapping Committee

10. Pig Gene Mapping and Applied Genetics Committee

11. Poultry Gene Mapping Committee

12. Rabbit Gene Mapping Committee

13. Comparative Genomics Committee

14. ISAG-FAO Advisory Group on Animal Genetic Diversity

15. Domestic Animal Genome Sequencing Committee

16. Genetics of Immune Response Committee

17. Swine Lymphocyte Antigen Committee

18. Comparative MHC Steering Committee

19. Animal Forensic Genetics Committee

20. Domestic Animal Epigenetic, Thematic Workshop

21. Comparative Genetics of Coat Color, Thematic Workshop

22. Early Career Scientists, Thematic Workshop,

23. Comparative Genetics of Coat Color, Thematic Workshop

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