Q: My company has a product to release that would be of interest to your members. Could we have your membership mailing list please?

A: Sorry. ISAG does not give out its membership details. Nor does it allow its web site to be used to advertise products or services.

Q: Our city/convention centre would like to offer its site for the next ISAG conference. When are ISAG's conferences scheduled? And what do we need to do to have you meet in our venue?

A: A proposal to host an ISAG conference has to be made by ISAG members and is usually made at a General Business Meeting of the Society (held at conferences every 2 years).

Therefore if you wish to promote your venue you should identify an ISAG member who will champion your cause. Unfortunately, ISAG does not give out its membership list.

For a listing of upcoming ISAG Conferences click HERE.

Q: How do I join ISAG?

A: Simply complete the membership application form (online or PDF). You will find this on the ISAG web site https://www.isag.us/join.asp.

Once payment is received and processed you will receive a welcome letter by email.

Q: What are the different categories of membership?

A: ISAG has 3 membership categories (for current membership prices, click here):

  • Institutional members (i.e., labs who wish to participate in the ISAG International Comparison tests)
  • Individual members (who have voting rights and can be elected office holders in the Society)
  • Honorary members (awarded by the Society for outstanding service to the Society plus an outstanding contribution to science. There have been 13 scientists that have been elected to Honorary Membership.)

Benefits of membership

Individual Membership

Individual members have full voting rights and are entitled to participate in all Society functions. Individual members receive the following benefits:

  • An online subscription to Animal Genetics.
  • Reduced registration fees to the ISAG bienniel conferences.
  • Exercise leadership by serving on standing committees

Institutional Membership

Institutional members receive the following benefits:

  • Participation in Comparison and Reference Tests.

Institutional membership does not include voting rights or membership on standing committees. Scientists and staff of Institutional members are encouraged to become Individual members of ISAG so that they can vote and be elected to ISAG committees.

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