The deadline for voting has passed!

Elections are being held for four positions within ISAG: president and three executive committee members.

Continuing members of the committee:

  • Klaus Wimmers: Treasurer, first term ends 2025
  • Sofia Mikko: Secretary, second term ends 2025
  • Tosso Leeb: Member, second term ends 2025

Standing for re-election:

  • Sabine Hammer: Member, first term ends 2023

Leaving committee:

  • Clare Gill: President, second term ends 2023
  • Martien Groenen: Member, Second term ends 2023

The candidates are grouped by office, so please be sure to vote for each position. Please vote even where there is only one eligible candidate. Click on each candidate's name below to view biographical information.

To vote, log in on the right side of this page. Only ISAG Individual Members are allowed to vote.

Candidates for the four positions:

President Candidates (one vote allowed)

Executive Committee Candidates (three votes allowed)

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