Ingrid Olsaker

Member of ISAG since 1990

Senior Scientist at Norwegian School of Veterinary Science. She has 34 years experience in the field of molecular genetics and genomics, including 6 years on genetic analysis of the human pathogen Neisseria meningitidis and 28 years of genetic / genomic research in ruminants.

Current research interests: Identification and analysis of genes involved in ruminant (mainly cattle) health and reproduction. Also working on analysis of genetic diversity in ruminants utilising molecular markers.

Leading or co-author on 93 papers in peer reviewed journals, 131 abstracts and proceedings and 11 other professional publications. Sequences submitted to GenBank: 9002 bovine and 1 ovine

Teaching experience: Genetics and genomics for undergraduate, graduate and Ph D students of biology and veterinary medicine. Animal breeding for veterinary students. Supervisor of 11 PhD students.

Project management: Extensive experience as project manager or coordinator of a number of national and international (EU, Nordic, Nordic-Baltic) collaborative projects on cattle genomics, ruminant genetic diversity and scrapie research.

Organiser of three international workshops.

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