Call for nominations for ISAG Treasurer, Secretary, and Executive Committee Member

The position of ISAG treasurer, the position of ISAG secretary, and one (1) position as committee member to serve on the ISAG Executive Committee become open at the 2021 Virtual ISAG conference. To fill each of these roles, the society is calling for nominations in preparation for a vote of the full membership in the period leading into the 2021 event.

Our constitution specifies current members are eligible to re-nominate and contest a vote to serve a second term. Current members may not re-nominate for a third term.

The status of each current member of the committee is given below:

Treasurer-to be replaced:
Christian Looft: Treasurer, second term ends 2021

Secretary—standing for re-election:
Sofia Mikko: Secretary, first term ends 2021

Executive Committee members-standing for re-election:
Tosso Leeb: Member, first term ends 2021

Current continuing members of the Executive Committee:
Clare Gill: President, second term ends 2023
Martien Groenen: Member, second term ends 2023
Sabine Hammer: Member, first term ends 2023
Christopher Tuggle: Member, first term ends 2023

Responsibilities of the ISAG Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is the governing body of ISAG. The committee meets once a year to consider ISAG business and corresponds regularly by email on issues arising during the interim. The committee considers issues relating to i) the society journal Animal Genetics; ii) the operation of the comparison tests; iii) the finances and organization of our biannual conference, iv) bidding processes for future conferences; v) other issues as they arise. Election is for a term of four years (i.e. two ISAG conferences).

The tasks of the secretary are varied and include

  • coordination and oversight of the ISAG comparison testing activities;
  • preparation of the agenda and participation in board meetings (once or twice a year);
  • preparation of the agenda and participation in Executive Committee meetings (once a year);
  • liaison with the standing committees;
  • liaison with the publisher of Animal Genetics;
  • preparation of appointment letters, reports for the Executive Committee and the membership on activities of the board;
  • answer general questions from the membership of the society; and
  • liaison with the ISAG executive assistant at FASS.

The tasks of the treasurer include

  • oversight of the financial matters for both ISAG and the International Foundation for Animal Genetics (IFAG);
  • liaison with the financial administrator to control the funds associated with the running of ISAG;
  • represent ISAG to the local organizing committee during the planning of upcoming meetings;
  • participate in board meetings (once or twice a year) and executive committee meetings (once a year); and
  • manage ISAG/IFAG investments

Nomination Process
The nominee needs to confirm their willingness to stand in writing and provide a short curriculum vitae. Nominations need to be supported by email confirmation from two current members of the society. Nominees need to indicate if they are standing for the role of treasurer, secretary, or as a member of the Executive Committee.

Nominations are made by email before June 16 to the following email address:

I encourage members with a desire to serve to consider making a nomination. In addition, if you would like to nominate a member you think is well placed to make a contribution, please do so. Replacing the membership of our committee assists in keeping our society vibrant and maintains its relevance to the international community of animal scientists. I look forward to seeing you in the ISAG 2021 Virtual conference and hope this will be a memorable and enjoyable meeting for all of us.

Best wishes,

Sofia Mikko
ISAG Secretary

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