36th International Society for Animal Genetics Conference (2017)

To: All with an interest in animal genetics

Ireland is honoured to host the 36th International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) Conference in Dublin from July 16 to 21, 2017. The conference will take place in University College Dublin (UCD).

The 2017 ISAG Conference will provide an open and friendly forum for the sharing of knowledge between scientists and practitioners of animal genetics applied to economically important and domesticated species.

The conference will comprise

  1. A series of plenary sessions with invited presentations from the world's leading scientists.
  2. A series of workshop sessions organised by ISAG's standing committees. ISAG has 21 standing committees whose focus covers the applications of greatest interest to ISAG members.
  3. Poster presentations of latest research results from scientists and students. The posters result from an open call for researchers to present their findings.
  4. A series of social functions with the goal of enabling scientists and practitioners to make new contacts and strengthen existing ones.

Ireland has a strong history in both the research and application of animal genetics. We have established a local organising committee (LOC) and appointed a professional conference organiser to help take care of the many details required for a truly memorable conference. We are working closely with the ISAG Board and FASS1. One of our goals for ISAG 2017 is to help FASS establish a template and tools that can make the work of future ISAG LOCs easier and more efficient.

So, please put the date in your diary and start your planning. We will be providing frequent updates and making full use of social media to ensure you are well informed about ISAG 2017. Our goal is to ensure you attend ISAG 2017, that you have an incredibly enjoyable and productive week in Ireland, and that our field of animal genetics continues to prosper.

We look forward to seeing you in Dublin.

Romy Morrin-O'Donnell, John Flynn, and Brian Wickham
on behalf of the Local Organising Committee—ISAG 2017.

1 FASS (www.fass.org) have been contracted by the ISAG Board to provide a range of administration services, including the website that we will use for ISAG 2017.